Flight 4C4050 LATAM Airlines Colombia: Cali — Bogota

LATAM Airlines Colombia 4C4050 / ARE4050

Cali — Bogota

Scheduled departure Scheduled arrival
05:17 05:56
* Local time

Delay statistics for Flight 4C4050 LATAM Airlines Colombia: Cali — Bogota

< 10 minutes

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Airbus A320


[CLO] Alfonso B. Aragon Airport
+16.1 C 823.19 hPa 86%
174 miles / 280 km.
42 m.
[BOG] El Dorado International Airport
+7 C 1027 hPa 93%

Sheduled - Flight 4C4050 LATAM Airlines Colombia: Cali — Bogota

Date From To Scheduled Departure Scheduled Arrivals Estimated Departure Estimated Arrival Aircraft
07 DecCLOBOG05:1705:5605:1705:57Airbus A320
06 DecCLOBOG07:0807:4807:0807:48Airbus A319

History - Flight 4C4050 LATAM Airlines Colombia: Cali — Bogota

Date From To Scheduled Departure Scheduled Arrivals Actual Departure Actual Arrival Aircraft
05 DecCLOBOG06:5307:5307:0308:03Airbus A320
04 DecCLOBOG07:5608:3608:0308:37Airbus A320
03 DecCLOBOG07:1007:5007:3008:02Airbus A319
02 DecCLOBOG05:5106:3105:4806:23Airbus A320
01 DecCLOBOG08:2309:0309:18+46 m.09:52+49 m.Airbus A319
30 NovCLOBOG05:4706:2605:4606:20Airbus A319
29 NovCLOBOG07:0807:4807:2307:55Airbus A320
29 NovBOG05:40--
28 NovCLOBOG06:5307:5306:5707:57Airbus A320
27 NovCLOBOG07:5608:3607:5708:31Airbus A319
26 NovCLOBOG07:1007:5007:1507:48Airbus A320
25 NovCLOBOG05:5106:3106:0406:37Airbus A320
24 NovCLOBOG08:2309:0308:2909:03Airbus A319
23 NovCLOBOG05:4706:2605:4506:17Airbus A320
22 NovCLOBOG07:0807:4807:0607:39Airbus A319
21 NovCLOBOG07:0307:4307:1607:50Airbus A319
20 NovCLOBOG07:5608:3607:5208:25Airbus A319
19 NovCLOBOG07:1007:5007:1607:50Airbus A319
17 NovCLOBOG08:2309:0308:1908:52Airbus A319

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LATAM Airlines

The flight LATAM Airlines Colombia 4C4050 (Cali — Bogota) is being accomplished from the airport Alfonso B. Aragon Airport (CLO), to the airport El Dorado International Airport (BOG). The flight is accomplished by the planes Airbus A320, Airbus A319. The flight distance is 174 miles / 280 km. Averages flight time 42 m.

Other flights on the route Cali — Bogota

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04:4905:1807:4008:13Airbus A320
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