Flight CP5803 Compass Airlines: Vancouver — Seattle

Compass Airlines CP5803 / CPZ5803

Vancouver, British Columbia — Seattle, WA

Scheduled departure Scheduled arrival
13:31 14:26
Terminal Terminal
* Local time

Delay statistics for Flight CP5803 Compass Airlines: Vancouver — Seattle

19 minutes

Average Departure Delays
Departure Delays %

24 minutes

Average Arrival Delays
Arrival Delays %



[YVR] Vancouver International Airport
+5.2 C 1020 hPa 93%
693 miles / 1115 km.
1 h. 57 m.
[SEA] Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
+14.2 C 1014 hPa 21%

Sheduled - Flight CP5803 Compass Airlines: Vancouver — Seattle

Date From To Scheduled Departure Scheduled Arrivals Estimated Departure Estimated Arrival Aircraft
13 JanYVRSEA13:3114:2613:3114:26E75L
12 JanYVRSEA13:3614:2713:3614:27E75L
11 Jan13:3114:2613:3114:26Embraer 170
06 Dec13:3013:5613:3013:56Embraer 170
21 Nov15:1616:1015:1616:10E75L
20 Nov15:1616:1015:1616:10E75L
19 Nov15:1616:1015:1616:10Embraer 170

History - Flight CP5803 Compass Airlines: Vancouver — Seattle

Date From To Scheduled Departure Scheduled Arrivals Actual Departure Actual Arrival Aircraft
10 Jan13:3114:0413:4014:11Embraer 175 (Enhanced Winglets)
09 Jan13:3114:0513:3014:03Embraer 175 (Enhanced Winglets)
08 JanYVRSEA13:3114:4614:03+32 m.14:35Embraer 175 (Enhanced Winglets)
07 JanYVRSEA13:3114:0213:3213:58Embraer 175 (Enhanced Winglets)
06 JanYVRSEA13:3114:1615:29+1 h. 58 m.16:14+1 h. 21 m.Embraer 175 (Enhanced Winglets)
05 JanYVRSEA13:3614:1013:3113:59Embraer 175 (Enhanced Winglets)
04 JanSATLAX06:1007:3706:57+34 m.07:47+32 m.Embraer 175 (Enhanced Winglets)
03 JanSATLAX06:1007:1706:1807:08Embraer 175 (Enhanced Winglets)
02 JanSATLAX06:1007:2006:0507:02Embraer 175 (Enhanced Winglets)
31 DecSATLAX06:1007:1706:1507:16Embraer 175 (Enhanced Winglets)
30 DecSATLAX06:1007:1706:0206:42Embraer 175 (Enhanced Winglets)
29 DecSATLAX06:1007:3706:2207:09Embraer 175 (Enhanced Winglets)
28 DecSATLAX06:1007:2206:0807:08Embraer 175 (Enhanced Winglets)
16 Nov15:1615:4615:59+34 m.16:30+25 m.Embraer 175 (Enhanced Winglets)

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The flight Compass Airlines CP5803 (Vancouver — Seattle) is being accomplished from the airport Vancouver International Airport (YVR), to the airport Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA). The flight is accomplished by the planes E75L, Embraer 170. The flight distance is 693 miles / 1115 km. Averages flight time 1 h. 57 m.

Other flights on the route Vancouver — Seattle

Flight Number Scheduled Departure Scheduled Arrivals Estimated Departure Estimated Arrival Aircraft
06:0006:2806:1706:54De Havilland (Bombardier) DHC-8-400 Dash 8Q
06:1006:4406:2106:53Embraer 175 (Enhanced Winglets)
06:1006:2607:1807:50De Havilland (Bombardier) DHC-8-400 Dash 8Q
08:0508:3008:3709:13De Havilland (Bombardier) DHC-8-400 Dash 8Q
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09:3410:1410:0110:34De Havilland (Bombardier) DHC-8-400 Dash 8Q
09:3610:0811:0911:41Embraer 175 (Enhanced Winglets)
09:3910:0110:3211:06Canadair (Bombardier) Regional Jet 900 and Challenger 890
11:2711:5713:3114:02Embraer 175 (Enhanced Winglets)
11:4012:0811:4712:22De Havilland (Bombardier) DHC-8-400 Dash 8Q
11:4012:1211:4312:15De Havilland (Bombardier) DHC-8-400 Dash 8Q
13:4414:0813:5914:33De Havilland (Bombardier) DHC-8-400 Dash 8Q
13:4414:1213:4614:20De Havilland (Bombardier) DHC-8-400 Dash 8Q
15:0415:3015:1015:36Boeing 737-800 Passenger
15:1615:4616:0016:30Embraer 175 (Enhanced Winglets)
16:5417:1717:2518:03De Havilland (Bombardier) DHC-8-400 Dash 8Q
16:5417:2116:5517:22De Havilland (Bombardier) DHC-8-400 Dash 8Q
17:0717:3918:0818:42Embraer 175 (Enhanced Winglets)
18:0518:3118:5319:32Boeing 767-200 Passenger
18:5819:2519:0819:39Embraer 175 (Enhanced Winglets)
19:1419:4219:4820:20De Havilland (Bombardier) DHC-8-400 Dash 8Q
19:2419:4819:2820:04De Havilland (Bombardier) DHC-8-400 Dash 8Q
19:3019:5319:3820:18De Havilland (Bombardier) DHC-8-400 Dash 8Q