Flight VV803 Aerosvit Airlines: Arequipa — Lima

Aerosvit Airlines VV803 / AEW803

Arequipa, Arequipa Region — Lima

Scheduled departure Scheduled arrival
21:15 23:00
Actual departure Actual arrival
21:29 23:00
* Local time


Airbus A320


[AQP] Rodriguez Ballon International Airport
+15 C 1025 hPa 77%
476 miles / 766 km.
1 h. 45 m.
[LIM] Jorge Chavez International Airport
+22 C 1010 hPa 94%

History - Flight VV803 Aerosvit Airlines: Arequipa — Lima

Date Scheduled Departure Scheduled Arrivals Actual Departure Actual Arrival Aircraft
09 Jan21:1523:0021:2923:00Airbus A320
08 Jan21:1523:0021:1523:00Airbus A320
07 Jan21:1523:0022:40+1 h. 25 m.00:25Airbus A320

The flight Aerosvit Airlines VV803 (Arequipa — Lima) is being accomplished from the airport Rodriguez Ballon International Airport (AQP), to the airport Jorge Chavez International Airport (LIM). The flight is accomplished by the planes No data. The flight distance is 476 miles / 766 km.

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